This is an exciting new class designed specifically for those students seeking to delve deeper into their yoga practice.

Each class and asana practice (the poses) will be theme related as we explore the other aspects of yoga that will support and deepen your yoga practice.
These are called the eight limbs of yoga, and topics will include ethical principals, attitudes about self and others, breathing and relaxation techniques, service to others and the community, discovering and affirming our life’s purpose to name just a few. Some of the ideas we will be exploring are self-acceptance, gratitude, inclusivity, stress relief, improving focus and mental clarity, learning how to take yoga off our mat and out into our world and much more.

This class is for all levels, but is best suited to students with some familiarity with yoga and those with an interest in furthering their practice. Students can expect this class to be engaging, uplifting, thought-provoking, sometimes challenging and encouraging!