How to Attend an AHHHome! Virtual Class

We use ZOOM for our virtual online classes. It’s an intuitive, easy-to-use program and is available for all devices - desktops, tablets, phones, etc.

Signing up for AHHHHome! Virtual Yoga Studio

Step 1

Visit the AHHHome! Virtual Yoga Studio page, where you will find the schedule for our virtual classes, the class pricing, and a class registration form.

Step 2

By filling out the Registration form, you will purchase your virtual class pass and sign up for class. Sign up an hour before the virtual class begins to guarantee you will receive the confirmation email with the join code an hour to 30 minutes before class begins. When you sign up, please be sure the email on your registration form is correct. This will be the email we use to send the link for your class.

Using Zoom

Step 1

Join the class on a computer by following the link you receive in your confirmation email.

If you are prompted to, download the ZOOM Cloud Meetings app on the device you will use to view the class. (Desktop ZOOM / ZOOM Cloud Meetings App on Google Play / ZOOM Cloud Meetings App for Apple devices /on either tablets or phone devices).

Step 2

10 to 15 minutes before class begins, click on the Zoom link you received in your confirmation email and wait for class to start. Please have all your necessary items; mat, towel, water bottle, blocks, bolster, straps, weights or bands, etc. that you may need for class that day.

Step 3

Once you’ve joined the class, please note that your audio is set automatically to mute. You can keep your video on or off depending on your comfort level. It’s best to keep the audio off during class.

Tutorial Video From Zoom

Preparing Your Space and Device for Class


You can practice anywhere you want! Try to find a spot that’s comfortable, with plenty of space to move around.


We hope to enable gallery view so the instructor can watch to correct form. This is optional for you! If you’d prefer not to be watched, simply turn your video off in ZOOM. If you are fine to have your video on, please set up your device so your form is visible on screen with your device’s camera.


When you first join the ZOOM meeting, your audio is automatically turned off so we can not hear you unless it is turned on. We recommend to keep the audio muted during the practice. To hear the instructor, be sure you have good speakers and your volume is turned up to a comfortable level.